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In this session we will dive into the Diverse School Leadership Framework that promotes leadership attributes essential for creating an inclusive culture that seamlessly integrates everyday equity actions. Led by Dr. Stout, this session is designed to empower schools with high diversity among students and low diversity in staffing. 


  • Engage in a practical and impactful learning experience that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to foster an equitable and just environment in your school community.

In this insightful session we will discuss crucial and diverse leadership practices and tools designed to take your school’s performance from average to outstanding. Delve deeper into solutions that can address the pressing challenges that principals face in the post-pandemic world. Our team will share impactful strategies for encouraging staff and student buy-in and addressing issues with structures and discipline. Learn how to reimagine your school’s leadership practices and spark a transformation that can impact your students’ lives for the better.


  • Effective Instructional Leadership Practices
  • Implementation of Social Emotional Learning Strategies
  • Formation of Professional Learning Communities
  • Individual Consideration for Staff and Students
  • Promoting Diversity in School Leadership Practices
  • Strategies to Address Technical Policies with Adaptive Approaches

In this informative session you will be inspired to create a learning community where the positive climate extends both inside and outside of the school building. Discover the power of social emotional learning and how it can be used to improve the overall learning environment. Our expert speakers will discuss the advantages of teachable moments over punitive consequences and explore the benefits of principals engaging in frequent interactions with students and staff. By the end of the session, you’ll have a more comprehensive understanding of the difference between ‘school culture’ and ‘climate,’ and access to valuable resources to help you address each element in your learning community. Don’t miss this chance to gain insights and practical ways to make a significant and lasting impact on your school’s culture and climate!


  • Climate versus Culture: Understanding the Difference and Practical Strategies
  • PBIS Best Practices for Improved Success
  • Steps to Defining and Accomplishing Your School’s Grand Vision
  • Strategies to Adapting Technical Policies for Greater Effectiveness
  • Building Capacity through Collaboration, rather than Buy-in: A New Approach.

I left Dr. Stout's session with strategies to recreate the culture of our building positively. He is one of the most engaging speakers and a great storyteller.


There are no good schools without good principals. It just doesn't exist. And where you have good principals, great teachers come and they stay, they work hard, and they grow.